NIC Costa Rica, specialized unit of the Academy of Sciences, together with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) installed a copy of the ICANN´s L-Root server in Costa Rica.


Any query to access an Internet domain name, such as surfing the web or using your e-mail, must first be consulted to an Internet root server.  A local L-Root server allows for this query to be resolved locally in a more immediate, efficient and safe way with no need to resolve the query outside the country.


This is the first L-Root server installed and is operating in Central America and the Caribbean.  There are other servers of this kind located in other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, USA and Canada.  This step positions Costa Rica as one the best-connected countries in reference to domain names.


The L-Root server was installed in Costa Rica part of a project led by ICANN to improve security, stability and efficiency in the Domain Name System (DNS).  The server is hosted in NIC Costa Rica.

The L-Root server administered by ICANN is one of Internet´s 13 root servers (identified by letters that go fro A to M) that are distributed throughout the world. Copies of these root servers are called mirrors, that once in operation, are indistinguishable from the originals.


“ICANN is very pleased to be able to work with NIC Costa Rica on this project. The presence of a local L-Root server in Costa Rica will further strengthen the reliability of the DNS for local users, and is a practical contribution to ICANN’s ongoing work to improve the security and stability of DNS infrastructure globally.” stated Joe Abbley, Director of DNS Operations at ICANN.



source: NIC.CR

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